Burner Issues

- It won't light. This is the most common indicator that something is amiss, and can be caused by many things. First, if your fireplace has electronic ignition or a spark-to-pilot ignition system, you should just call us for service. These setups are fairly technical and inherently finnicky. Next, if you had to manually light your pilot light to get to this step, make sure you turned the pilot control knob to 'on' after getting your pilot to stay on. This is another very common mistake. If you have a remote control, you should check out the remote control issues button on the right. The final simple remedy is to call us for service. We can walk you through a few more simple tricks over the phone.

- Did you hear that? Of course it's an odd noise. If it were a normal noise you wouldn't be concerned. As is, we're going to assume you have one of those normal 'odd noises' coming from within your gas appliance. There are two types of typical noises that are cause for concern. Loud bangs or 'whoomps' when you light the appliance are called hard lights and are caused by delayed ignition. A sound like a whirwind or tiny freight trian in your appliance is caused by a venturi fire. Small ticks and taps as a fireplace or stove heat up and cool down are not out of the ordinary and are caused by the expansion and contraction of metal when exposed to changes in temperature.

- When it does light, it is noisy, like there is a small tornado or train inside the appliance. This is called a venturi fire, and occurs when fire starts within the portion of the burner where the fuel should be mixing with air - not burning. You should be able to turn your appliance off, then back on, and have it stop. If it happens frequently or does not stop after cycling the appliance off then on again, it should be looked at by a service technician.

- When it does light, it takes a while, or it comes on with a menacing whoosh or with percussive force. We call this delayed ignition or hard-lighting. It is common, especially with propane, and should be addressed sooner rather than later by a service technician.

- The glass, logs or other surfaces around your appliance are turning black from soot. This is a sign of incomplete combustion and can be hazardous to property and person. Do not use your appliance until it is thoroughly checked by a service technician.
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