Direct Vent Gas Product Information

Direct vent gas appliances have many advantages over other types of gas appliance.

- Direct vent fireplaces can either be heaters or be decorative or both, while B-vent (or natural vent) fireplaces don't heat well and vent-free fireplaces heat always.

- Direct vent fireplaces can be vented through a side wall or through a roof.

- Direct vent fireplaces do not normally require power to operate and can serve as a reliable back-up heat source in the event of a power failure.

- Direct vent fireplaces are sealed, so gases, soot and carbon monoxide don't get into the home, even if something were to go wrong.

- Direct vent fireplaces allow the flames to be larger and more realistic because of the controlled air flow through the fireplace.

- Direct vent fireplaces can have much larger heat circulators and fans because there is no risk of them affecting the air flow around the flame.

- Direct vent fireplaces require much less maintenance than vent free.

To be fair, we'll list the things to be concerned about regarding direct vent appliances.

- Direct vent appliances maximum efficiency is only 94%, instead of 99%, like vent-free.

- Direct vent appliances must have a glass door on the face to seal the combustion chamber from the room. (Like the ones that are optional upgrades for wood fireplaces. Yeah. Included. But could be concerning.)

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