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Electric Fireplace Support Center

Just like your VCR that has been flashing 12:00 since the early 90's, if it plugs in and has buttons - there are issues.

There are just a few main difficulties people have using electric fireplaces. Light bulbs, remote controls and power outages/surges cause most concerns. Every fireplace has different types of light bulbs and ways to change them, but when part of your 'fire' stops burning, it's the only way to rekindle the flame. The links on the right will open a new page with links to the owner's manual for your fireplace. Power outages will cause your fireplace to 'reset' to the factory condition. This is similar to the VCR flashing 12:00. It will most likely by off, however it is not unheard of for them to be reset in an 'on' setting. Also, your remote control will likely have to be taught to talk to the fireplace again. To learn about your particular fireplace, choose the proper link on the right side of this page.

Q&A -

How much area is my electric fireplace supposed to heat?
If your fireplace is running on 110/120 VAC (most are) it will put out 4500 to 5000 BTU's of heat energy, or enough to heat a well insulated room that is 10' x 15' x 8'. If your fireplace is running on 220/240 VAC it will double that amount. Remember, your electric fireplace is for space heating only.

Will it work in a power outage?
We get this question more than some may believe. No, an electric fireplace is not a good source of heat in a power outage as it does require electricity to operate. Furthermore, the computers that control the fireplace do not function well with
fluctuating power sources like inexpensive gas generators. Typically the power spikes will trip circuit breakers and fuses inside the fireplace.

Websites to learn about your specific model of electric fireplace or stove.