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No matter what type of gas appliance you have, it requires maintenance.

- What type of maintenance is required for a gas stove or
Very little normal maintenance is required. Homeowners should be able to clean the glass, and control compartment clear of dust and debris. Most people find it better for the more technical maintenance to be performed by a qualified service technician. Most manufacturers recommend that the gas connections, electrical components, and gas train be services annually by a service technician. Typically, there are only a few wearable parts in today's gas fireplaces and stoves. The logs, glass, burner, and other major parts are normally convered by long warranties, and are designed to last the life of the appliance. Pilot assemblies contain wearable parts that need to be replaced every 3 - 10 years. This includes the thermocouple, thermopile, and/or Oxygen Depletion Sensor.

- The pilot light won't light, or won't stay lit. First, if you are using propane or LP, please go to the tank, lift the lid and confirm that you have fuel. There will be a gauge on the tank that tells you how full the tank is by percentage. Even if you just had your tank filled and you never use any gas - check. Mistakes and leaks happen, and we can't do anything until you have gas. If you have gas, click the link on the right to learn about pilot issues.

- The burner won't light or makes noise or messy black stuff when it does. These are usually service call issues, but there are a few things to check. Click the burner issues button on the right for more information.

How do I clean the glass? If your gas fireplace or stove has a glass panel on the front, it normally can be removed with a few screws, or clamps holding it in place. Once removed, a high quality gas fireplace glass cleaner should be used. Normal ammonia type glass cleaners have been known to affect the finish of the glass, including putting a rainbow effect in it the cannot be removed.

- Your appliance is too hot, or not hot enough. This may be a service issue caused by gas pressure issues, installation issues, or it may just be the wrong type of appliance for you. We will assess these situations at no charge for any brand.
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