Pilot Lights

The most common pilot issues beyond the instructions -

- Not Aligning The Pilot Knob Be sure that the pilot knob is aligned in the pilot position. It should easily push inward toward the valve a noticable amount when correctly aligned. Don't try to force it.

- No Gas Check to make sure all shut off valves leading to your fireplace are on and if you have LP, make sure your tank is turned on and has gas in it.

- Air In Gas Line This can happen if you've ran out of gas or shut your gas off at a point other than directly under your fireplace. It is not really a problem as much as an inconvenience. Until all of the air is out, there won't be enough gas to light, leading to a lot of clicking with few results. This is normally when people start lookinf for shortcuts. Please...there
are no shortcuts with gas. Ever. The most you should try is to ensure that the gas is coming. Using a long-nosed lighter you can hold a flame near the pilot assembly while you are depressing the pilot control knob on the gas valve. If the gas is on its way, the remaining air will cause the flame to flutter and even push away from the pilot assembly.

- No Gas Coming If your check indicates a problem with gas flow, return to No Gas.

If everything is on and there is no gas flow (and you have gas) then you should call and schedule an appointment for service. It still may be a simple fix, but could be a blockage in the gas piping, valve or pilot line. Most people should not attempt to fix this as the parts surrounding a pilot assembly are fragile and easily mishandled, resulting in the need for replacement.

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