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Portable grills used to be pretty simple. They were not much more than the grill head on 3 - 4 post-style legs with wheels. Not so anymore. We have grills on post carts, cabinet carts, huge grills that really stretch the definition of portable.

The main advantage anymore to having wheels on your grill isn't so much taking it place to place, but for turning it so it faces the way you want it to. Being able to turn the chef's back to the wind so smoke isn't an issue makes grilling considerably more comfortable.

With the addition of the storage and accessory options available with portable grills, they are still the most popular choice among shoppers.

Our selection of portable grills has been finely tuned over the past 15 years. Darin (DJ) Bricker has personally selected each of the grills we represent for being the top value in their respective class.

One of the critical functions of all of our appliances is to be versatile. We simply do not carry one-trick-ponies. All of our cooking appliances will grill, bake, broil, smoke, slow-cook and do any other method of cooking - and do it well. We don't want our clients to have to have 4 appliances on their patio in order to answer to the call of the flame.
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