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One of our customers to her husband - "We need another remote control like you need another hole in the head."

We like buttons. Some would say we need them. If you've chosen buttons to operate your fireplace or stove and these buttons are, in turn, pushing your buttons, we can help.

The one thing most people forget to do is check the power for the receiver. Every remote control uses a transmitter (the wall mounted or hand-held device) and a receiver (a box in the wall with wires going to the fireplace or a box under the fireplace). Both items need power. Some remotes get this power by being plugged into the receptacle under the fireplace, others with batteries. The type we use always use
batteries so the remote works during a power outage. There will be 4 - AA batteries inside the receiver. If changing the batteries alone did not get the remote to work, make sure the remote receiver switch is in the 'remote' position (this is the middle location of the three-position
switch). If it is and the remote does not work, try sliding the switch
to the 'on' position. If the fireplace works this way, then more than likely the remote control will need to be recalibrated to work with the receiver. This is common when changing batteries. If you don't know how to do this, give us a call, and schedule a service.

To the right are links to the operating instructions for the several remote control types we've used over the years.
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