Shelving can be a simple matter of function or a statement of organization. From the most elaborate wood shelving systems to the simple wire pantry, we make the process easy for you. Custom designs and quotes for free will give you the options you need to make the right choice regarding the storage areas in your home.

Shelving Categories


Ventilated Wire

Constructed from industrial grade steel, Rubbermaid’s ventilated wire shelving collection is designed to provide storage options for every area of the home: storage rooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, garages, pantries, and closets.


Rapid Shelf

Combining speed, quality, and design, the Rapid Shelf Closet System provides a new design to the traditional plank and pole shelving system. This versatile closet system has a custom fit design with quick installation to provide a stylish and efficient storage solution.


Heirloom Collection

Offering the ultimate level of style and customization, the Heirloom Collection™ allows the creation of truly personalized closets, mudrooms and pantries tailored to the homeowner’s needs. With a broad range of finishes and accessories, any closet or storage area becomes a natural extension of the room itself.


FastTrack® Garage

Rubbermaid Garage Organization Solutions combine a unique rail or wall mounted systems with modular storage units that can be customized and reconfigured to meet your customers’ specific needs. Begin with the FastTrack® Rail or FastTrack® Wall then simply select the accessories to customize the space.

Enhance your closet or garage space with shelving